Tell NSW Premier Mike Baird to reinstate marine sanctuaries

Less than 7% of the NSW coastline is fully protected in marine sanctuaries. Yet crucial sanctuaries in Byron Bay, the Coffs Coast, Port Stephens and the Batemans region could be erased.

Sydney wild swimmer, Premier Baird says he cares about protecting our oceans, but actions speak louder than words.

It couldn’t be easier to get involved – contact your state MP, and Premier Baird, and ask them to RE-INSTATE and ENLARGE our network of marine sanctuaries.

Here’s what Wild Swimming Sydney authors Steve Pollard and Sally Tertini told Mike:

The ocean and its marine life are part of our birthright as Australians – we are a lucky country for sure, but risk messing things up for future generations as our marine life cannot continue to thrive unsupported.

There is a wealth of established science which supports the value of marine sanctuaries. Our marine life is already under pressure from climate change, pollution, industry, and fishing, and marine sanctuaries provide invaluable respite and protection

It’s time to continue Australia’s bipartisan history of marine protection and save our national network of sanctuaries.

I urge you to reinstate our network of marine sanctuaries, and indeed push for more to be created.

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