A place for all…

Australia espouses egalitarianism and likes to think of itself as inclusive. This idea is also pretty central to wild swimming – no matter who you are or where you come from, you can dive in and enjoy the natural wonders of this great land! 

In honour of this, two bits of news:

Mark it in your calendars, our favourite organised swim The Sydney Skinny is coming up! A time to brave up and strip off, embracing body positivity and raising money for good causes at the same time! The Sydney Skinny is the worlds biggest organised Skinny dip, where swimmers do a loop off charming Cobblers Beach. It is the only organised Australian swim we know of that’s emphasis is firmly placed on fun!

On the other end of the nudie spectrum, we’d like to give a shout out to the swim group the Burkini Babes who recently rocked the Australian designed swimwear while competing in a Maroubra ocean swim. The Burkini has been a total game changer for so many women around the world. We love that the Burkini Babes are getting out there and doing it on their terms! Hurrah!

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